Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Christmas Part 2

Today is another ornament day!  This time, bum bum bum...

Cranberry Wreaths!!!

Here's what you need:

Cranberries (we used just over 1 12oz bag to make 5 wreaths and a garland)
floral wire
scissors or wire cutters
hot glue gun!

Prepare yourselves, because making these is ridiculously easy.  Ready? Here we go. Decide how big you want your wreath.  Our wire pieces were between 12-14 inches.  String cranberries onto wire.  Twist ends together, and make a hook out of the wire that you've cleverly left over for that very purpose.

Now you could stop here, but aren't these just crying out for a bow?

We tied about 10 inches of gold ribbon from our stockpile around the twisted wire at the top into a bow. Fuss with the bow till it looks nice.  Then, put a big dollop of hot glue on the back, covering the wire and some of he bow on both sides to hold everything where you want it.

It's hard to see in that photo, but the blurry part in the middle is a big dollop of glue.  I promise. :)

Even easier than yesterday, huh?  I think the cranberries were 2 for $5 at the market, so 5 bucks made us wreaths, garland, and cranberry sauce for dinner some night this week.  Hooray!

To make a garland, thread a needle with a long piece of thread.  Knot the ends together, then string cranberries to your hearts content, or until your garland is long enough, or till you run out of thread or cranberries.  Your choice. 

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  1. Love this - you should check out my blog along the left side there are a ton of "link parties" where you put your creations on other people blogs. These wreaths would be great on a lot of these parties. Love them!