Monday, July 8, 2013

July Classes!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about classes and introduce the classes for this month. We do a layout and a class on something else (cards, 3-D object, etc) once a month. Class kits are available, and they are available at two different levels. At the first, and easiest level, the kit comes with only what you need to complete the project. For a layout, that means the base pages, photo mats, embellishments, journaling and title blocks, and directions. If you attend this class in person, you will be able to use my supplies for stamping and inking, and if you order it online, everything will be pre-stamped. At the second level, you will still receive all the supplies you need for the project, but there will be some extras. You will receive an entire pack of embellishments, not just the amount you need for the project. You will receive pre-cut paper, but you will also receive some extra paper as well. You will receive the stamps and ink you need to do your own stamping. All classes are available in person or online, and if you participate online, you will receive detailed instructions and Skype/FaceTime/Gchat support as necessary.

Now that we have the details out of the way, lets talk about our July classes. The first class is a layout class. We will be completing two, 2-page layouts with a grey, coral, and teal color scheme and a 'Summer' theme. I'm a huge fan of this layout, and it comes together so quickly! Here's a quick picture of the first page, and I'll have more up soon - I am having difficulties with my camera right now so I'm sorry about that. 

The layout class, if you participate in person, will be on July 30th. Please register by going to the 'Classes' link at the top of the page and selecting the correct option from the drop down menu under July Classes. Registration for virtual and in person classes must be by July 19th.

The second class we have this month is a mini-card class. I absolutely love mini cards, because they are perfect for tossing in a gift bag or including with a quick present (birthday, hostess, thank you, etc). Also, they are just so cute! We will be making 6 mini-cards in 6 different designs for different occasions. The cards will come in a mini 'magazine box' holder that I really wish I could show you, and I will upload pictures as soon as I can. This class will be on July 29th. Please register by July 18th by following the procedure outlined above.

That's it for today! Check back tomorrow for a very exciting blog hop, on Wednesday for my next party kit (you guys are really going to love this one), and don't forget about all of the exciting July specials!

Be Crafty!

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